A kind of small Hand-Held Metal Detector,which is a special machine to security inspection.This machine is convenient to use, no adjustable controller,quickly reaction when detecting metals,and sound and light simultaneous alarming.It would sound clearly in low frequency when detecting small metal. It would sound clearly in high frequency when detecting big metal. Function: Easy and convenient to operate The manual part makes anti-smoothy design Two sides both alarm with flashing red light when detecting metal articles. Low battery waste:no waste when stop working,below 1mA when working. Super-high accuracy and sensitivity that be able to detect very small metals(up to 0.1g) The system be able to inspect power source and battery failure, power insufficient .

Alarm in different sounds according to different metals,and connect earphone available in harmonious surroundings Product parameter: Dimension:410mm*85mm Power Source:standard 9v over-lapping battery Alarm mode:sound-light alarm simultaneously Detecting distances: œ pin:10 mm Model 64 pistol:150mm 6˝ dagger:150mm 8mm (diameter):40mm Aluminium and Copper sheet 10mm DIP 14 IC ( integrate circuit):5mm Silver ring(1g):40mm Lead brick(1g):30mm.